Friday, September 01, 2006

A Very Specialized World

I read a story on the BBC over lunch about how model kit company Airfix were going out of business. This stirred memories in me of making thousands of model planes, tanks, and soldiers as a kid, so I went on a little google ramble around some of the model companies of my youth. When I reached the page for the magazine Military Modelling (which was to our household as Time is to many others) however I stopped short and decided that this was far too geeky a pursuit after reading this article teaser:

"Charles Buchanan looks at the difficulties modellers experience with making miniature hands."

Model makers, serial killers, midget Frankensteins: all one and the same in the end.


Dr Vikas said...


Anonymous said...

Its a good thing you stopped when you did all that modeling glue can do some serous damage.

SkookumJoe said...

for centuries small children had there hands taped to keep them tiny, until the perfection of model bakelite hands in the late twenties