Wednesday, September 06, 2006

They Don't Do Anything To Dispel The Stereotypes, Do They?

In football/soccer news, Germany beat San Marino 13-0 in European Championship qualifying earlier today.

Frankly, scoring more than 9 is a bit rude. Once you go past that mark you might as well rub dog poo in the opposing goalkeeper's hair, or shag the striker's wife on the sideline. England was much more polite, beating Macedonia 1-0 after the stringy noblet Peter Crouch fell over in front of the goal and the ball bounced off his odd head. Incredibly, it was Crouch's 10th goal in 14 games for England, which means we are stuck with the albino Manute Bol up front for the forseeable future. Meanwhile the French wrought revanche on Italy, beating them 3-1 and nary a reference to defiling the flower of French womanhood was heard from the Azzuri.

The World Cup is dead, long live the 2008 European Championships!