Thursday, August 24, 2006

Out and About With Country Mouse and Weasel: Double Shot Special

We haven't had one of these in a while. We have had a splendid couple of weekends in a row but have been so busy we haven't been able to share much of our bit of Maine with y'all. Fear not, here's some photos.

This was the sort of thing that would appeal to Mondale even though he's one of those strange men who prefers cats to dogs. Lots of lovely boats to make a Hickling skipper drool with the added bonus of mutts leaping off docks. The dogs who competed for the boat yard dog title weren't pure breds or agility champs, but rather the sort of beasts that hang around boat yards adding canine colour to the nautical proceedings. My apologies for the distant photos; while lining up for the show I ran into a rude lady who was reserving a stretch of railing for the other folks at her exhibit. Normally I don't mind if someone saves space but this woman was foul and I almost lost my temper. I wanted to say "I'm not going to buy one of your boats then" but then it dawned on me that I couldn't buy one of her boats, so I let it go. Anway, on with the show:

Rockland harbor looking pretty with about a squazillion dollars worth of boats tied up.

The very corrupt (by their own admission) judges.

Distant dogs doing tricks.

Oh alright. I'll have one of these, if you insist.

One of these people is a rude lady.

After the show we had a big piss up in our back garden, with a small amount of grilling, a little bit of badminton, and lots of yummy beer. I also got to meet fellow 04841 blogger Rick, so a good day all round.

Then onto last weekend:

We are of that age; if our friends aren't procreating they are getting married. Beats being the age when all you get to go to are funerals and divorce parties. Oh, you poor boomers: I feel for you. Not only did you squander your chance to be useful, you are now dealing with prostate trouble. Oh well.

Maine men in suits; groom on far left.

The bride (no way Weasel, is it really?).

Boat rides with Cap'n Ed (former host the gnarliest heavy metal show on my old radio station)

An Italio-Canadian and Vermont's finest Russell Crowe looky-likey.

Country Mouse chats with the next bride (at the plate, 9/3/06).

Biggie (aka she who plays badminton like Monica Seles) retrieving the shuttlecock/birdie.

Gage waits patiently.

Witherell and Biggie ham it up after the pig roast.

An itunes account does not a DJ make.

James Taylor cleared the dance floor.

Country Mouse after a night of rug-cutting and champagne.


Bill Norris said...

It is actually physically impossible to dance to James Taylor. You can look it up.

weasel said...

There's another wedding next week. One I might have to wear a pink Yankees hat to.

You bastard.

Bill Norris said...

You have my permission to wear a shirt or sign around your neck that reads, "I lost a bet," if you fear physical harm.

weasel said...

Screw the sign, I'm wearing a ski mask.