Wednesday, August 02, 2006

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Welcome to Tony Blair Airport! I assure you Emir, no bombs for Israel here!" (note man in shades, bottom left, doing the robot, and man in red, bottom right, dressed as a Sgt Pepper's era Beatle. Its the Kuwaiti rock follies!)

Even though these are the dog days of summer and many of our coterie are off on vacation or buried under work, there are still choice cuts cropping up in our corner of the blogosphere. So once again may I offer up some of my recent favorites?

There has been quite the fuss in Britain recently over the use of Prestwick Airport (in Scotland) by US charter flights transporting munitions for Israel to use against Lebanon. The flights have apparently been halted but yet more damage was done to the already fragile reputations of both the United States and Tony Blair in the UK. Blogger BBDO has managed to quarry a few gems from the turd mine however, and if he ever finishes it his website for Tony Blair International Airport will be a classic bit of satire. Even while it is under construction, it is well worth reading his hillarious message from our Tone.

Fellow Rocklander Arguably So has been highlighting some excellent journalism recently. One story- the brewing trap war off Matinicus (if you have to ask "what's a trap war?", you can't get there from here bub, ayuh) as covered by the Christian Science Monitor- is of great local interest. The other, a story from the Chicago Tribune is a magisterial and magnificent tour de force tracking one gallon of gasoline backwards from the pump in Chicago to the oil fields of the global south and taking in the trail of capital, labor, misery, violence, and complaceny it follows. Read it here.

Listmaker and Youthlarge continue their tour of Asia, moving from Korea to Japan. Between them, they have the grub, the pop culture, baseball, and uncomfortable dining seating covered.

Harry Hutton, as always, is off his gourd.

And finally, congratulations to Unwellness and Coverting, who are avec un petit choufleur after displaying both stamina, doggedness, and an understanding of the desirability of the odd tantrum.

P.S. I also meant to highlight a rather cogent defence of blogging against the sneers of Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (one of my favorite old media columnists) by Doctor Vee. So here you go.

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