Saturday, August 12, 2006

"Get off me Dad, You're crushing my insulin pump"

The Lord-Lieutenant of Norfolk and his deputy on the steps of County Hall yesterday

What is it about people called Gibson? First that born again Australian midget Mel Gibson went off about the tribe to the fuzz while off his noggin on Vicky Bitter and Bunderberg. Then Dr. Ian Gibson, MP for South Norwich in my spiritual homeland of Norfolk, England blamed his constituents' suceptibility to diabetes on inbreeding. He then called the female interviewer "Sugar beet tits". Its got everyone back in Mustardland all thredickled.

Us North Norfolk and North Norwich types have long had our suspicions. And my Norfolk antecedents, the Highs and the Bunnetts, may have married each other in large waves, but at least we didn't marry our cousins like those filthy South Norfolk shammocks. Well, not first cousins.

Thank goodness so many of my ancestors married furriners, otherwise I'd have four nipples instead of the normal three.


country mouse said...

I don't even want to know what you typed in to find that picture.

Mondale said...

Are you fixing for a f*cking scrap?
Come down my way and start saying stuff about the verdant lowlands of South Norfolk.
F*ck with a Wymondham boy and you f*ck with Wymondham.
You know it, I know it. Distance is no security, I could be there this afternoon.

weasel said...

Come on up: we are having a barbeque. Besides, you have a dose of Gorleston blood which is almost as effective as my cockernee platelets at diluting the effects of generations of inter-familial, inter-generational generating.

Of course, spelling "Windham" "Wymondham" only makes sense if you are having it off with your granny who is also your sister.

Pronouncing "Cley" "Cligh" (as in "The Highs of Cley") is much more sensible and indicates a broader gene pool.

bri said...

I love it when you two talk incomprehensible trash at one another. Makes you seem so foreign and mysterious.