Friday, July 07, 2006

Those Fiscally Responsible Republicans Stike Again

David Emery, local midcoast boy made good and recent third place finisher in the GOP primary for governor, is demonstrating that the years he spent representing Maine in congress were not without their lessons.

Emery's campaign finished deep in debt ($26,000- a sizeable amount of overspend for a Maine primary) despite drawing the attention and fundraising support from Republican bigwigs like John McCain. Emery refused money from Maine's Clean Elections Fund (which uses taxpayer funding to try to keep quid pro quo special interests from stuffing politician's wallets) and prefered to rely on private donations.

The trouble is Emery spent more than he raised, and now his defunct campaign owes money. The former candidate is now trying to solicit donations from the public to cover his debts.

It seems that Republican spending models have even spread to their ill-fated campaigns: borrow more money that you can conceivably pay back; bet the farm on a lucky break (in Emery's case, winning the primary. Nope, busted flush); and then look to other people to pick up the tab.

Thank goodness the Republicans are the party of personal responsibility and financial responsibility. I'd hate to see what a mess we would be in if they decided they wanted to be irresponsible. Truly, the GOP are a bunch of jokers.

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