Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Damn Their Teutonic Efficiency

I wanted to use this picture, but I'm trying to be good.

Germany beats a 10 man Poland 1-0 at the very last gasp in injury time. Now thanks to World Cup maths, Costa Rica needs to beat Ecuador to hold off Germany's race for the round of 16.

In England news, Wayne Rooney (shown in this picture being hugged by Kevin Keegan) is allegedly match-fit for tomorrow's game against Trinidad and Tobago but there is now doubt about David Beckham's best man Gary Neville. When team doctors heard that Neville had a calf strain, they had to be dissuaded from heading over to his stall with the humane killer to put him down. Get it? You see, Neville sort of looks like a sad pony and... oh, never mind.

Meanwhile, my dream World Cup can be found here. It would be nice to see England lift it, if only so another pair of random teams could wind up on a stamp:

This stamp appears to show Calverton of the Nottinghamshire Senior League vs. the St. Johnstone's Scottish Premier League side of 1997-98.


cliff said...

* We've built some live World Cup widgets for blog, you may check it out here: EditGrid World Cup Special.

Joe said...

So when have you known Costa Rica to come through in the clutch in any endeavor? Ecuador will be playing for a draw in the group finale. Should be exciting football!

weasel said...

Well, at least this leaves the door open for England to potentially face Germany in the final, if we beat Trinidad and get past possibly both Argentina and Brazil...