Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bulletin Board Material

Some Germans, yesterday. Probably going to a funeral or something.

Everytime I begin to feel a little queasy about my internal surge of nationalism that accompanies major sporting events, someone like German World Cup squad goalkeeper Jens Lehmann comes along and says something like the following:

"England have a great team - their best for years - but we have more experience in World Cups. We believe we can do better than England as they've had problems in the past and that's now a mental block. They know how to play well but they do not know how to go through a whole tournament. We have been there and done it. They haven't."

You haven't, Lehmann. By that logic, Jens old boy- through which you claim some sort of mythic ownership of your nation's 3 previous cups ('54, '74, '90)- you should also own up to your part in the invasion of Poland, or for the music of the Goombay Dance Band, or even the truly horrible currywurst I remember eating as a child in Gutersloh circa 1983. And technically, Lehmann, Germany hasn't won ever, as the three victories are credited to the now defunct "West Germany". If the Czech Republic wins anything, do you claim victory on behalf of the Sudentenland, Jens? Thanks to the German number one, I am now officially going into "Super-Brit" mode and will most likely be (more?) unbearable for the next few weeks.

The whole World Cup shebang kicks off of Friday; England wheel into action against Paraguay at 9am EST Saturday on ABC. Roo's foot seems better, the rest of the squad are stomping around purposefully, and I am now officially excited.


Mondale said...

they don't like it up 'em.

weasel said...

Its a good thing I can't read Spanish or I'd be up for giving the cheating Argies a meaningless and empty rant and all. And as for the French...

Sometimes it is hard being English: there's a lot of cross referencing of petty conflicts and forgotten sporting slights to carry around in one's head from one tournament to the next.

Bill Norris said...

Currywurst? That is fusion gone horribly wrong. Horribly.

jamie said...

i love that you've picked up the coverage from my lapsed-blogging self (albeit in a less US-centric way). i probably won't have a chance to write, but i'm damn excited to watch. oh, if we can just beat the Czechs.

and not to contracdict your fine reasoning, but i was reminded of the famous quote from England great and crisp spokesman Gary Lineker: "Football is a simple game where 22 players play against each other and in the end Germany wins".

youthlarge said...

that's not a picture of you and the missus from your honeymoon?

weasel said...

I prefer a mocha coloured speedo. Less visible staining should the currywurst cause an accident.

Jamie, I'm glad you live. You are right- the septics vs. the Czechs is going to be a real donnybrook; good luck, USA chums. Mondale has some good World Cup philosophy today. And courtesy of RPS's trawling of metafilter, I am glad to offer up this gem from July 29, 1966 as England prepared to take on West Germany in the WC final:

"If, on the morrow, they should beat us at our national sport, remember: We beat them twice at theirs."

Anonymous said...

I can't take looking at this pic anymore. It's horrid!!!!
Write another post. I'm begging you