Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"That's Not A Death Rattle, That's His Laugh"

Get down from there Keith, you'll do yourself a mischief

Keith Richards 'tree fall' injury

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has been taken to hospital in New Zealand after injuring himself while on holiday in Fiji.

Media reports in Australia and New Zealand said Richards had hurt his head when he fell from a coconut tree.

Well of course a sixty something guitarist was up a Fijian coconut tree. Where else would he be? Indeed, Eric Clapton has been known to hang from date palms in Tunisia, clinging to the fronds with his prehensile buttocks.

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Debbie said...

A co worker of mine was wondering what the emergency crew would look for to see if Kieth suffered from a concussion. Slurred speech, bloodshot eyes? How could they even be able to tell if he had one?!