Monday, May 08, 2006

A New Product On The Market?

A triumph for British ingenuity?


Now all we need is for the lobster to catch up and develop a proper nervous system that registers pain as opposed to a rudimentary ganglion. I await the clam sedator® with baited breath.


youthlarge said...

is this a wedding gift hint?

RPS said...

I'm sure law enforcement is eagerly awaiting their version for public use. What could be better than something that stuns you "humanely"?

weasel said...

Youthlarge- I'm actually hoping for the scallop euthanizer. All we can hope for is that shellfish meet their end with a diginity in inverse proportion to that shown by those who end up eating them.

RPS- I love the idea of the cops waiting until they have 20 stunnable suspects then herding them into the industrial Crustastun.