Wednesday, April 05, 2006

This is Not a Baseball Blog 11

First, thanks to everyone who stopped by to pass on kind and caring thoughts about Bailey; both Country Mouse and I truly appreciate it.

Spring of course is a time of new beginings, and for me that means the competing sensations of excitement and slipping on a pair of old comfortable slippers that accompany opening day of the Major League baseball season. As trite as it might seem, this year I've been truly grateful for the distraction baseball offers (Bailey's obituary was written to the accompaniment of Joe and Jerry yammering away in Texas on the WEEI Red Sox network). Along with listening to the Sox on the radio I've been enjoying reading various accounts and musings on opening day. Here's a couple from my blogpatriots (both published authors and it shows), one a Red Sox fan and one the politest Yankee fan on the planet (I suspect a plot):

Write in Maine: The Hope of Opening Day

Notes From a Former New Yorker: Play Ball

Also, this season's begining has been made infinitely richer by the reasoned opinons and statistical nous of Joe over at the SeaBlog: Red Sox Projections. He's also your one stop shop for Portland Sea Dogs info too.

No word yet from any of the denizens of Planet Met but I'm sure the scribes of Shea will start pounding it out soon. Still, if you need a refresher as to how obsessed the blog contingent who wear the decent shade of NY blue are, revisit 2005 at Danny Baseball.

And finally, because it wouldn't be a Weasel baseball post without a spurious switched-name lookylikey, here's the inaugrual "This Is Not a Baseball Blog" of 2006. Presenting Randy "Chicken Man" Johnson of the New York Y*****s:

Big Unit

Big Eunuch

Its all in the moustache and the surly gaze.


Mondale said...

I have a bus driver who looks a lot like Big Unit. Check out the B71.

Bill Norris said...


Do you think he'd be able to get his slider to bite again if he switched to the "onion" hat?

Joe said...

Thanks for the plug, Weasel. Baumer and I are plotting another "Bloggers Day at the Ballpark". It'll be interesting to see what submarines those plans.

weasel said...

Mondale: the big unit also looks like a tall version of Mr. Bowers who used to teach woodwork at WymCol and who threw my tape rack across the workshop in disgust.

Bill, I cannot provide any advice that may inadevertenly improve a Yankee player. I will however offer in the interests of detente that one of Johnny Damon's favorite things is to have fans toss shelled peanuts at him constantly during a game. Its so funny- he snaps at them like a sealion grabbing fish! He really loves that. Honestly. You should all do it.

Joe: I agree that a replacement for last year's abortive road trip is in order. However, Baumer has to promise to keep his peace about how Hadlock Field is a boondoggle built on the crushed backs of harddrivin' town team players who used to work 72 hours straight at the beanhole bean mill and still pitch back-to-back no hitters on a field that was little more than gravel and molasses ;)

Listmaker said...

that mets loss last night was a killer. oh well, this spring is still glorious as long as jimmy rollins keeps getting hits thus making yankee fans nervous that yet another hallowed record of that orginaztion's greatness will forever be lost.