Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Blinding Flash of The Obvious

I've always been conflicted about just how thick George W. Bush is. Sure, he obviously isn't the most literate or intelligible of presidents, and much of his foriegn policy seems like a dangerous joke. However, under his watch his peers have undoubtedly maintained their grip on America's assets and many have grown much wealthier while having to pay much less in taxes, wages, and social contributions. At the same time, it has grown harder for the less fortunate to make their way out of poverty.

By his own standards, he must think he is doing a pretty good job. So why does the "idiot" tag persist, and why does it barely raise more than a whimper from even his most rabid boosters?

An object lesson perhaps from his ideological opposite, Hugo Chavez of Venuzuela (from this month's Atlantic):

"..On his TV show, he (Chavez) might pick up a carrot and call it a beet. His opponents will begin laughing at him: 'What an idiot! He can't even distinguish a carrot from a beet!' But after the show I guarantee that Chavez will be the one laughing. He'll think to himself, I can't believe I fooled them into talking about carrots and beets all week."

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Debbie said...

How much more time does Pres Brainiac have left? I can't stand the shame and humiliation anymore