Sunday, April 30, 2006

Another Sunday Out & About With Weasel & Country Mouse...and Dinah

Today was the nicest day of the spring yet in Midcoast Maine. Glorious sunshine, warm temperature, and not a hint of the sometimes biting wind that swirls a winter's worth of accumulated dust around was enough to put an end to our half hearted cleaning and send us off on a stroll through downtown Rockland and along the boardwalk to the South End. The smell of sunblock and sea combined with the warm weather was almost enough to fool me into thinking it was June. If only everyday was like this. As always, click to enlarge any image should you choose.

Paul Simon's original title.

In the park of random marine objects.

Rockland harbor.

Another one of the harbor.

The lovely Country Mouse in the process of realizing that she is over-dressed for the weather. In Maine in the spring it often pays to leave the house understanding that sometimes the sun writes checks it cannot cash. Not today, though.

Conte's: one of the best and certainly the oddest restaurant in the area. The building looks like set dressing from
Popeye- The Movie, it lacks electricity (cooking and refrigeration are propane powered), the tables are cable drums, the menu is written every day on a collossal roll of butcher paper and you order before you cross the threshold of the restaurant, the wait staff will yell at you if you question Conte's m.o., and the food is spectacular.

The municipal lobster cookers. Every year at the Lobster Festival something like 47 quazillion bugs meet their end here.

Warm weather or no, the town floats don't go in until Memorial Day. Always have, always will.

Weasel and Dinah enjoy MBNA's gift to the community.

I couldn't figure out where all the lobster boats were. I guess there is Sunday fishing after all.

Rockland from the South End. Schooner masts and seaweed processing plants ahoy!

Our municipal Indiana.

"Dinah! Do the big tongue! Big tongue Dinah! Good girl Dinah!"


Mondale said...

'Cos you know how I love to comment on your days out I thought you'd both like to know that Frau Random Doubt and I went out for tea and cake yeaterday. High tea in a hotel no less. After a few hours wandering Manhattan it was quite the thing!

weasel said...

Not only are you Carroll Gardens royalty, you are also apparently Eloise.

Wes said...

I'd like to hear some of the lyrics from Paul Simon's original song.

weasel said...

Just slip out your shell, Mel,
Open the door, claw,
Shrug off your carapace, Ace
And listen to me;

Don't go into the trap, Hap,
Wave your antennae, Benny,
Flap your swimmerettes, Zatopeks,
And set yourself free

country mouse said...

Only in an English accent can you rhyme door and claw.

weasel said...

I dunno: many mainers seem to get away with "daaaah" and "claaaah"

How perfect: my verification word is "be-a-bug"

weasel said...

As in "Jeezum mutha; Captain Hook has been in the daaahryaaad and he's wicked pissed. He left his claaaah stuck in the daaaah".

MsDee said...

That's one talented dog!
She's got skillz

weasel said...

I forgot the line "just use you ganglion, Leon"

Wes said...

Thank you for entertaining me as I lay around with my broken foot. I'm wondering, though, if Country Mouse was lucky enough to have this rendition sung to her.