Saturday, April 08, 2006

And The Winner Is....

Bill Norris! Here's the proof:Numbersixvalverde wins National.

Weasel's Little Bruva, a blog nickname that sounds like a National horse by itself, would have joined Bill in standing drinks for everyone. Alas, his ethics wouldn't allow him to back the same horse in his work pool and here, so it will have to remain a moral victory. Proof however, that one of us inherited the turf accountant gene of my Granddad Perce, ace tipster and betting man.

Out of forty starters,only nine horses finished the race so most of us were out of luck. But the record, the rest of our picks finished thusly:

2. Hedgehunter (Mondale)
7. Joe's Edge (Joe's Sea Blog)
Refused the 27th fence: Native Upmanship (Joe's Sea Blog)
Pulled up at the 18th fence: Shotgun Willy (Country Mouse)
Pulled up at the 17th fence: Iris Royal (Weasel)
Fell at the 15th fence: Silver Birch (Country Mouse)
Unseated rider at the 8th fence: Le Duc (Weasel's Little Bruva)
Fell at the 1st fence: Royal Auclair (Weasel)


Bill Norris said...


In lieu of drinks, which are hard to transport through the ether, I'll offer an invitation to The Hunt next October. You're welcome to join my family at their spot on the hill, and your admission price will cure a sick child of disease. Or something. We're usually too drunk to notice that part.

weasel said...

Sounds like a plan, but only if you act as betting tipster.

I found out today that mother won too, and she had backed Numbersixvalverde when it was still at 12-1. Gambling geniuses on both sides of my family, my god.

Bill Norris said...

Puritanical American laws don't allow for legal, onsite betting, but there's a book maker (who happens to also be a Republican State Rep.) near by.

Our crowd tends to favor the idea of putting in a few bucks and pulling a number out of a hat.

Mondale said...

if i'd gone each way I'd have won a fiver!

Joe said...

The fact that one of my horses actually finished is enough of a victory for me!

weasel's little bruva said...

Having won the work sweepstake, I have decided to re-invest the earnings at William Hill's on a 33-1 special that England will hold the Ashes, Rugby World Cup and Football World Cup at Christmas which is better than the 10-1 on England winning the world cup this summer.

weasel said...

Bill, not even at the track? That's harsh. Here in Maine you can bet to your heart's content at the pari-mutuel window but woe betide you if you want to gamble away from the grandstands. Unless of course you want to buy a state endorsed lottery ticket.

Mondale, Joe- I'm digging the spirit of optimism.

Bruva- I love the idea of a gambling re-investment. So inspired, I'm going to move ahead calling money I spend on beer "carbohydrate and alcohol seed money".

Bill Norris said...

This thing isn't at a real track.

It's just some vast tract (nice, eh?) of land that, for one day each year, becomes the sight of a steeplechase meeting and home to thousands of drunk preppies. If you want to bet--legally--on the Breeder's Cup, you have to do it either OTB or a real race track that offers betting on off site races.

Ah, America.