Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sticky Wicket

On the last post, my old chum Mockney dropped by to sledge a little, noting that the Queen might be:

"..miserable cuz her cricket team got ass-whupped by the natives. Again."

Just as I was thinking about cricket too, having seen this photo in The Economist:


mockney said...

I think there might be a slot for GW Bush at number 8. He would fit right in with the other 'English' players: Pietersen, Strauss, Jones (1), Jones(2), and my favourite, Mudhsuden 'Monty' Panesar.

weasel said...

Aren't we all global citizens? Hasn't petty nationalism cost the world enough? I dream of the day when the Oxfordshire Sikh and the East Anglian Anemic can once again sit down as brothers and put aside such small differences. How does June of this year sound?

Oh and COME ON ENGLAND, Germany 06!

Mondale said...

The picture of Bush at bat really spooks me. And where does 'Mockney' fit in with the 'Tebbit' test?

weasel said...

I will not speak for Mockney as he is loquacious enough on his own but I recall with glee fantastic drunken yelling about sport when we shared a house in our student days. I jolly well hope he thumbs his nose at the Tebbit test- I do over here.

Although, Mockney is a (long time, not bandwagon) Chelsea rather than an Amritsar FC fan. Sometimes conrarianism is more important than consistency.

Mondale said...

Oh yeah, I guess I flunk the 'Tebbit' test on almost every level, unless you count the Mets.

mockney said...

Tebbit can stick his test up his arse.

Loquacious enough for you Weasel?

Hindustan Zindabad!

weasel said...

Outstanding Mockney; I knew you'd come through for me. I wonder what the origins of the name "Tebbit" are anyway. Sounds suspiciously French to me. And the "Norman" is a dead give away. Back to Bayeux with you, Mr. Chingford polecat.

I am surprised that GWB did not take his 'clicky ba' over the Khyber and have at Johnny Talib with it: I seem to remember a series in either the Victor or Battle comic (maybe a reprint? The series seemed very anacronistic) set in Afghanistan in which a British adventurer shot at Pashtuns while his bearer hit them with his cricket bat. Any leads on the name of the series?

I'm off to google it.

weasel said...

Oh good lord. It was called "The Wolf of Kabul" and it was appallingly, casually racist and classist. The first issue is here.

mockney said...

i can't believe it, a casually racist and classist English comic.