Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

May I be among the many to wish you all a happy Saint Patrick's Day, whatever degree of Irishness you claim (if any) or however much you like a good party. For today is a day for celebrating the man who introduced Christianity to Ireland, and we all know what a boon that turned out to be. A big hand for Saint Patrick, then:

Indeed, I tip my hat to him.


Mondale said...

Today i am mostly wearing red, white and blue. Oh, and the wee knitted shamrock that Frau Random Doubt's Irish grannie knitted for me. I have to wear that. And by Irish grannie I mean 3rd generation Brooklyn Irish.

weasel said...

Damnit Mondale, I only put this up to get your goat and now you are being all magnanimous about things.

You should wear the tea towel I got you as a cape.

Mondale said...

I would get killed. Although I did show it to my boss (i did bring it to school today) who appreciated it. Then he told me to hide it.