Saturday, February 04, 2006

Yet Another Winter Weekend Outdoors.

Enough of the politics and global undercurrents for now. Its Saturday, a time to kick back, and also this weekend the day all midcoast Mainers know as The US National Toboggan Championships (it is worth following the link and watching the lamely edited movie from 2004 to see what it is like to go down the run).

Our friend Milja and her son Rex were in town so after a late brunch we moseyed over to the Camden Snow Bowl for the festivities. Weeks of above-normal temperatures had turned the ground to mud and the surface of Hosmer's Pond where the tobbogans come to rest held a fair amount of slush (and open water further out) but the team that collectively weighed 1000lbs didn't go through and the organizers were just about keeping ice in the chute and so the racers kept on coming.

Rex, our guest of honor, trying to eat cardboard.

Rex, Milja and Country Mouse await the sliders.

Through this gate pass the bravest sledders in the USA.... these foil-wrapped munchkins.

Land rescue is ready.

As is lake rescue.

I wish I had a cowbell to clang.

The true contenders recline more.

Out onto the lake. Brake! Brake!

More like a log flume ride at a theme park than a toboggan time trial.

A sighting of the species
Maineus Dudeus with the tell-tale prehensile snow shovel. They usually feed on tobogganists after stunning them with a whack from their orange appendages.

Back up the hill for the second run...

..but stop to check your time on the way up.

Our pals "Team Morning Wood". Rick (holding gloves) is all smiles here, but all business when the camera is out of sight. This is what happens when four professional sailors spend an extended period on shore; they need to get their oilies on at least once a month. They would of had a faster time if they hadn't tried to tack on the way down.

On the way home. While the girls are buying the fixings for dinner, the boys amuse themselves by singing the "Jingly keys" song.


Mondale said...

Bloody hell, you go out all the time dont ya?

weasel said...

If we continue to have no real winter this year I'm never going to have an excuse to sit around doing bugger all...