Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Norfolk Alien Found Shocker!

From my spiritual homeland, Norfolk (England, not Virginia):

Alien crash lands in the attic.
Builders working in the attic of Barney Broom's cottage in the village of Gunthorpe found an old jar containing what appeared to be a model of an alien, about 12 inches tall, made of clay and preserved in a liquid which smelled of vinegar.

The jar was wrapped in a 1947 copy of the Daily Mirror. The alien appeared to have a serial number on its foot.

Intrigued by the discovery, Mr Broom's initial suspicion was that the model was somehow connected to nearby United States' airbases. Not quite knowing what to do with it, he approached the Sci-Fi Channel, which is now carrying out investigations into whether the serial number is a form of military identification.

I am surprised that no one has suggested that this could be a leftover prop from a middle school health class warning of the perils of cousins marrying.


Mondale said...

Thas ole barney up in his loft intit.

weasel said...

Oi dunt believe thas his real naiyhm, bor. 'As a soooduhnum. "Barney Broom"; thas'uh willage jus' outside Wymondham, intit.

Debbie said...

Oh brother