Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Strange Parallels

No, not that sort of extraordinary rendition.

Better qualified minds than me have been weighing in these past couple of weeks on the legality or otherwise of "extraordinary rendition" (the abduction of 'persons of interest' by the CIA in foreign parts for delivery to a third country for interrogation and allegedly sometimes torture) but I will say I am at a loss to see much difference between this:

Probe into CIA prisoner flights
An influential group of MPs is to investigate claims that CIA planes have been touching down at British airfields carrying terrorist suspects...The CIA's controversial "extraordinary rendition" programme involves removing suspects without court approval to third party countries....

And this:

North Korea confesses to kidnappings
Not many people can claim to have spent much time with the enigmatic North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il. But South Korean film director Shin Sang-ok and his wife, Choe Eun-hui, have that dubious distinction...."Kim Jong-il later confessed to me that the reason he kidnapped my wife first was because he wanted me to come and make films for him," Shin Sang-ok said....

OK, one country wanted their captives to remake Rambo while the other prefers to water-board them but the lack of legal niceties in both cases ring a familiar bell.

The best bit about the North Korea story is that after the couple escaped:
Kim Jong-il became convinced that the couple had been kidnapped by the Americans, and sent them a message offering to help them get them back to Pyongyang.

No chance. the Americans would have kidnapped the wrong couple and held them for months before dropping them off on a mountain telling them "this never happened."

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