Tuesday, November 29, 2005

This Is Not A Football Blog

The popular British comic book character Plug

Liverpool and England "Big Man Up Front" Peter Crouch


ivanomartin said...

You may want to throw Luke Chadwick into the mix there somewhere. See http://www.uglyfootballers.com.

weasel said...

Agreed, Chadwick is a right pigs arse of a man, and a better match for Plug.

Very heartened to see that of all the players in the football league, Youseff Sarfi of Norwich made the cut for 2004.

jamie said...

what is the strange fascination with Crouch anyway? is it just that he's tall?

weasel said...

I've liked listening to English radio commentators and TV spods blather on about how Crouch "unnerves foreign defenders" suggesting high levels of skill but rather ignoring the salient facts- any defender would be leery of getting clouted by this big gangly lump's spastically twitching limbs as he rose like a salmon for the high ball.

There are always one or two gormless mooks in the frame for a place in the England squad. Steve Bull in the 1990 World Cup squad springs readily to mind.