Monday, November 14, 2005

7 Months To Go

England 3 Argentina 2. Yippeeee! Up yer junta, Maradona.

Seven months to go until Germany and the 2006 World Cup (and Country Mouse evicting me from the house for being an unbearable English sports fan with far too many "crunch matches" in far too many sports for her ever to get a rest from the football, rugby, cricket, baseball, American football, track and field, Tiddlywinks, dominoes, conkers, et al). I think I shall make a count down calendar, and colour in the squares.


...mj said...

Australia's in the World Cup!!!

weasel said...

Outstanding news: another sport we can beat you at. After the cricket this summer and the latest rugby win on Saturday all we need to do now is find someone who can swim fast and we'll be quids in

Seriously, congrats to the Soccer-roos and I hope the new league takes hold (despite the awful team names).

Clokeeeey! said...

Victory for the Victory, what's wrong with that?
Sounds like a WNBA team name.

Guus says we can go all the way. What are his credentials again?

...mj said...

He's Dutch, like me, so he must be good ;-)

youthlarge said...

who is #10 in that photo? is it mikey owen? he has aged nicely!

weasel said...

Indeed it is wee Mike. The ladies love a little wee Mike. The big galoot behind him is Peter Crouch