Sunday, October 02, 2005

Wait A Minute- How Does This Work Mr. Selig?

Up here in the outer spiral arm of the Hub sports universe some of us were off camping this weekend and so lost track of Joe Castiglione's convoluted explanation of why the Pinstriped Plunger Pushers won the AL East through the static of the Great North Woods on our little wind up radio. Thankfully provided a concise summation upon our return this morning:

"Doing the math on why the Yankees clinched By David Lefort
Why did the Yankees clinch the AL East today even though both New York and Boston can finish with the same record if the Red Sox win tomorrow? Here’s the explanation:

If Boston wins tomorrow (which would eliminate the Indians), the Sox will tie the Yankees with a 95-67 record. In that case, head-to-head records are used because the Yankees (East champion) and Red Sox (wild card team) would have already clinched playoff spots.

Why is the head-to-head record (the Yankees lead 10-8) used instead of a playoff game?

A one-game playoff game is only staged when there is a postseason berth at stake, not for postseason seeding purposes.

Now that is just wicked retaaaaaaaarded, bub.


Anonymous said...

Camping is fun! Nothing like dog puke at three am in the great outdoors. Worth missing the game really. But nothing beats the hilarious stories of Weasel and "Little" Bruva's family camping adventures - Ask them about it. They're v. funny. Just don't step on the canvas, you'll mess up the waterproofing.

weasel said...

CM, you are like your mother; "Dan, tell them about that time when..." followed by expectant stares and my least funny story of the moment.

Oh come on- I'm just kidding. And who hasn't camped across an industrial ship canal from a Belgian open cast coal mine?

Joe said...

The worst part about this situation (I'm on baseball now, not camping), is that those insufferable Yankee fans can go around with their noses up and toot off about "winning the division." You've got the same damn record as us, and you don't have home field advantage (thank you, Curt and Manny!). Yankee fans should follow in John Henry's footsteps and acknowledge that the division title is shared this year.

weasel said...

John Henry looks like the reanimated corpse of Anthony Perkins.