Monday, October 03, 2005

This Is Not A Baseball Blog 7

Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek

Redneck comedian Larry The Cable Guy


Anonymous said...

Ah yes... both republican rednecks.

weasel said...

I don't think Larry the Cable Guy is an evangelical Christian though. Or has a large selection of darkish mock turtle necks to be worn under light colored suits. Filenes loves to see Tek come in those double doors...

...mj said...

Haha, weasel,

With that cut off denim vest, Mr Burly Pitcher is looking either very macho... or very gay. I can't decide which. Either way, I wouldn't like to meet either down a dark alley, for many reasons.

Oh dear, I'd better stop or the entendre will start dripping off me and ruin the carpet.

weasel said...

Hi M!key mate- thanks for dropping by. How'd you get on with the 24 hour bike thing?

Before my fellow baseball pedants jump all over you, Tek is a catcher not pitcher (it would be like having Geraint Jones bowl- jesus, no). I cunningly switched captions; the fat bloke in the vest is actually a crap comedian who makes Paul Hogan look like Oscar Wilde.

As for poofy sports kit- can I get a "you go girl!" for Aussie Rules Football?