Friday, September 02, 2005

CNN- An Apology

Earlier this week I berated CNN and the other networks for their shoddy reporting as Hurricane Katrina hit. In recent days the mainstream media has begun to make up for years of lapdog service to politicians by berating the great and the good for their tardy response to the crisis. Indeed, even Anderson Cooper on CNN is coming across like Peter Finch in Network. This is to be applauded and encouraged. Especially when he blew up at Senator Trent Lott tonight. The only question I would have asked in his stead is where did Lott get off commandeering a National Guard helicopter to go and inspect the ruins of his mansion while people still need rescuing (I feel bad for Lott, losing his house and seeing his state devastated but he was asking for it the way he patonized America in his responses to Anderson's questions). But I digress.

CNN, NPR, ABC et al- don't make me lose this tentative new-found respect for you.


Mondale said...

Trent Lott nearly helped me out once. I'm not allowed to talk about it, strictly off the record. All the more reason for you to get down here for a visit.

weasel said...

You wonder why people tease you about everything you post and comment being about you? Because it's true. Surely you are engaging in self-parody here?

I'll be down shortly, I hope. NY in the fall- very Neil Simon.

Mondale said...

I am ridiculously self obsessed. Right now i am sitting here writing this.

mactechwitch said...

I was thrilled to see Maureen Dowd, in her column this AM, refer to Michael Brown, as a "blithering idiot" who trained for his job as head of FEMA " running something called the International Arabian Horse Association."
Of course you expect that from her.
What I didn't expect is for David Brooks, PBS's token Republican, to excoriate the current administration on Jim Lehrer's News Hour the other night.
I've been doing a lot of listening to Randy Newman's, Louisiana, 1927.