Friday, August 19, 2005

G'Day Clokeeeey!

Although this story might seem a little stereotypical in regards to our antipodean cousins, it does highlight why I love 'em so. There is no greater supporter of informality between the people's servants and the people who serve the people's servants than me. Good on yer, mates.

"Australian Government Building 'Mate' Ban Recinded
Security guards at Australia's parliament can continue addressing politicians and visitors as "mate", after a ban on the term was reversed.
After a complaint from a civil servant about informality, guards were told to address everyone as "sir" or "madam".

But Prime Minister John Howard said barring the classic Australian greeting was "absurd and ridiculous". With many of his mates in Canberra also up in arms, the official edict was overturned within 24 hours (Read More...)"

Also while down under, those with even the slightest sliver of interest in the mighty Ashes battle being contested by England and Australia's finest cricketers might enjoy this little diversion (courtesy of Jamie Ape), in which one gets to be venerable cricket legend W.G. Grace smacking ockers back to Oz with a drive through covers.

Toodle pip.


Clokeeeey! said...

Thanks mate!
I got that on a tea towel.

The funny thing about the Mate thing was that the PM wrote a preamble to the constitution which included the word mate or mateship in it. There was a small furore at the time (4-5 years ago) coz the woozers thought it was too informal for the constitution. Then I heard about this and I thought, what? It became clear later that the PM didn't know about it and put his foot down.

weasel said...

Its nice to see Australian political mores and informality penetrating the mother country, as in The Right Honorable Anthony "Call Me Tony" Blair, MP, PM. I don't recall that horrible Thatcher woman insiting that everyone call her "Mags". it must be the influence of "Neighbours" and "Home and Away" on the Number 10 policy unit. Next step, calling the opposition "gallahs"