Friday, July 29, 2005

History Friday

Having successfully and semi-accidentally stuck my head in a wasps nest with yesterday's post on Ulster (I feel a little like a man who used the n-word at a NAACP meeting) I feel obliged to make use of the History Friday forum to take us back to a happier, more innocent time. Let us all travel together in the magic time machine to 1981, when I was eight years old and innocently English, when politics meant nothing to me, and royal weddings meant no more than days off school and free cake:

July 29th, 1981: Charles and Diana marry

"The newlyweds took the open-topped state landau to Buckingham Palace where they emerged on the balcony at 1310 BST to give the crowds the kiss they had been longing to see. Afterwards Charles and Diana retired from the public gaze to enjoy toasts and a wedding breakfast with 120 family guests.

A "just married" sign attached to the landau by Princes Andrew and Edward raised smiles as the married couple were driven over Westminster Bridge to get the train to Romsey in Hampshire to begin their honeymoon."

The full story...

Too bad it all went to hell in a handbasket, but for one day it was agenda-free fun. I seem to remember a gigantic cookout, bright warm sunshine, and lots of giggling Royal Air Force personnel enjoying free or discount beer and Pimms on the Queen's tab on the lawn of the Officer's Mess. Sigh.

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