Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Greatest American Chosen

Proving that the GOP has really mastered the ballot stuffing process since the Florida debacle of November 2000, Ronald Reagan defeated Abraham Lincoln by .44% (ironic, given that both were shot- not by a magnum though) to claim the title greatest American. MLK was third, and ooh I don't know; Peppermint Patty fourth (not unlikely based on the nominees chosen by the American public).

Reagan reacts to the news that he was chosen as "Greatest American"

Setting aside the pointless stupidity and complete lack of historical understanding and situational awareness displayed by those who voted for a man whose legacy is still unfolding (much of it remains a state secret) once again the example of Orwell's inventive "memory hole" concept shows itself to be highly appropriate in this day and age.

Even worse, the Discovery Channel has just handed a boxful of ammunition to those maniacs who seem intent on renaming every single thing in the USA after the Gipper. I think I'm going to campaign to have the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center named "The Ronald Reagan Memorial Detention Center". Perfect in so many ways, as the man voted greatest American showed the same lack of historical understanding as his voting bloc, having allowed the escalation of weapons shipments and Saudi/Pakistani fundamentalist outreach to the Afghan muj fighting the Soviets without comprehending the historical, political and religious undercurrents of the region, directly sowing the seeds of the Taliban and Al Qadea. Still, he was never noted for his oversight of the details of his grand concepts. No wonder GWB idolizes him. Furthermore, Bush is in real danger of unconciously emulating Reagan in Afghanistan; pushing in guns, grain, and gold and then losing interest in seeing the job through. My bold prediction: Afghanistan will collapse into civil war within 5 years; Hamid Kahzi will be assassinated or exiled and we will have declared him a) a dictator; b) a fundamentalist; or c) a commie after he tries to stand up for Afghans against State or Defense one time too many.

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