Friday, May 20, 2005

Dad's Newest Composition

In a recent blog entry on the wonders of Walid Jumblatt's musical name I mentioned that my dad used to compose little ditties to sing in the car that used the Lebanese militia leader's euphonious handle. I also suggested that he was not so musically inclined when it came to African leaders. Thanks to the magic of email I stand corrected. Please be upstanding for my father's latest magnum opus, "The Random African Leaders Of The Last 20 Years Rag":

"All well with us interesting one of your recent blogs; you obviously do not recall (to the tune of "Jerusalem");

And did Dr Hastings Banda of Malawi
Drink tea with Mangasuti Buthwelesii
On the top of Spion Kop
And did Bishop Desesmond
have a tea cake too oo oo oo oh
And did the sandals of Jomo Kenyata
Walk the Isandlewanda Road ....."
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The man in the crown is a highly talented and esteemed aviation engineer. The woman in the boa is no relation. Its amazing what comes up when one googles one's dad.


Mondale said...

I'm so sorry. So very , very sorry.

weasel said...

Now then Bowlsey, your Silver Fox may be many fine things but he's not a composer of nonsense songs about global figures of interest. My little sisters are going to know all about the Grand Old Duke of York AND Kim Jong Il, lucky lasses. I wouldn't trade him and his daft crown for the world.

Anonymous said...

OK you snivling litle git you are back in the will


weasel said...

Outstanding- a visit from the Squire!