Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Possibilities Are Endless...

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Checking the weather on MSNBC this morning the following headline caught my eye: "Rush to destroy virus".*

My immediate, unconcious thought was "Limbaugh?"

Now that would be some good community service for the chubby drugster. Sadly though, this revelation shows that I lack sufficient ironic hipness to hang with the Brooklyn crowd as the word "Rush" inspires images of fat radio bores rather than an arch and arcane essay about Geddy Lee.

(*When I first posted this at 9am, MSNBC hadn't added the word "Labs" to the story tickler. It makes much more sense now and is consequently much less amusing).


Mondale said...

Rather than deriding New York's finest borough for it's percieved 'ironic hipness' (I prefer to think in terms of a collective of post ironic hip young gun slingers) why don't you pay us a visit anbd see for yourself? Cup final day?

weasel said...

I can't respond to you comment as Listmaker might find it cute and.... damn! I fell into his trap!
May is out: I have work committments 3 out of 4 weekends and the other is bound over to going to the Cape to see Mrs. Weasel's pater and consort. And I was not attacking your fair borough (I'm sure its lovely) merely reflecting on my lack of Seinfieldian self-absorption with popular culture (or does that reference negate the sentiment?)

Mondale said...

Then you're buggered as i'm going to try and visit you!
(but not until july/august)

Anonymous said...

Please don't use the word "tickler" for it brings up many painful ticklish memories for me and my family. Thank you for understanding.