Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Genuinely Funny Commercial!

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Damon without flowing tresses and beard
Last night during the Sox/Jays game I saw the Johnny Damon and Theo Epstein Dunkin' Donuts commercial. I haven't been able to find video of it (and I suspect, perhaps wrongly, that it may be a regional New England spot) but as described by Dunkin' Donuts:
"In the 30-second television commercial promoting the iced lattes, Theo discovers Johnny concealing a balding head with a long-haired wig. He is shocked to learn that the centerfielder's signature locks aren't his real hair. When Johnny implores Theo not to reveal his secret to anyone, the savvy GM slyly glances at Johnny's Chocolate Dipped Iced Latte. Damon gives in to the persuasive GM and hands over his iced latte only to bump into him in the stands later in the day. After confidently saying to Epstein, "So, we're cool, right?" Theo replies, "I'm still a little thirsty. Johnny reluctantly hands Theo his second latte to ensure silence and a safely kept secret."

Dunkin Donuts Press Room

its very rare that I get excited about a commercial, but I had to run and tell Mrs. Weasel about this last night. Any leads on where I can get video of this would be greatly appreciated.


youthlarge said...

take photo stills and post those! i must see this commercial...if only to fully comprehend what a chocolate dipped ice latte looks like.

weasel said...

It looks like a New England heart attack in a 28oz solo cup deeah!

youthlarge said...

i'm very annoyed with myself for a typo i made which resulted in a ginormous pet peeve of mine. that should be ICED latte, not ice latte. just as it is ICED tea, ICED coffee and espresso, NOT EXPRESSO. i'm glad to get that off my mind.

in my research to find a clip of this genuinely funny commercial i learned that the wisdom weasel is the 4th result on google when you search for "dunkin donuts dipped latte." huzzah!

weasel said...

Proof perhaps that Dunkin Donuts ad campaign and attempt to generate buzz around the iced latte has spectacularly failed.