Friday, April 29, 2005

Apres Le Deluge, Moi

In cockney rhyming slang, this part of the world would be called "the soggy" (as in soggy toast= Maine's midcoast) after the torrential downpours of the last couple of days mixed with the last of the snow melt coming from higher ground. The Megunticook river that runs about 100 yards from my house looks like a dam release gone awry and great swaths of low lying eastern, central, and southern Maine more resemble Dutch polder than the usual sub-arctic glacial meadows. More sensible fellows, like Durham Jim have been focused on looking after their property and belongings while gleeful idiots like me kicked the sump pump once to check it was working and then went and gawked at the flooding like I'd never seen water before.

I truth, I think it was my fault the rain and high water came. As an East Anglian I seem to have some sort of genetic divining rod built in.

I didn't get any happy snaps of my own, but these come from our local on line newspaper Village Soup (taken by reporters Linda Clancy and Holly Anderson).
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Where the Megunticook enters Camden Harbor; broken town floats and fishing gear.
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Where the Megunticook enters Camden Harbor, behind the deli.
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Staff at MaineSport Outfitters try and stop kayaks from floating down US Route 1.
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From Camden town landing uphill to the library.
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Camden Public Works and the Fire Department (assisted by the Harbor Master) shore up East Dam on the inland side of town.


mockneymotormouth said...

"Soggy toast"? Do me a favour weasel: how about the Dyer? As in the "Dyer Spit Roast: Maine Mid-Coast". A more pleasing cadence I believe.,3604,1057323,00.html

Champions! Champions! I was in Bolton by the way weasel. Nirvana.

weasel said...

I'll defer all linguistically dubious attempts to sound 'street' to you, Mockney.
Congrats on the premiership- NCFC will see you again in 2006-07.