Monday, March 07, 2005

While On The Subject...

Happier times at Carrow Road
Norwich is in the news, and not for the best of reasons. Fresh from my reverie below about tasty condiments and strange dialect words, the mighty Norwich City Canaries have made it onto Can't Stop The Bleeding, a superior sports blog that spans the globe like the BBC's Grandstand does or ABC's Wide World Of Sports used to:

Can't Stop The Bleeding: Delia's Howard Dean Moment

When a struggling football club's frumpy but loveable celebrity chef chairman can't get up at half time and yell at the assembled supporters like a Milwall Bushwacker kicking off in a Luton pub without getting derided in the press I don't know what the beautiful game has come to.


weasel said...

Posting comments on your own blog is a touch lame, but I'd like to point out that if you follow the Milwall link above to read about English football hooliganism, there is no listing for Norwich City in the table of hooligan firms. I am inordinatley proud of that for some reason.

mockneymotormouth said...

Millwall Bushwhackers.....reminds me of a time that WW and I encountered one of the species in a College bar in Old London Tahn. His first utterance was to question why MM was "lookin'at 'im funny?", his second to proclaim that two girls who somehow had the self-control to resist his advances were a "pair of Dick Vans". That's Dykes, for the uninitiated.

Millwall, you gotta love 'em.

BTW, I always thought that Norwich had a firm - The Yellow Streaks.

I could be mistaken though.

weasel said...

You won't get any disagreement out of me: NCFC fans have always felt that discretion is the better part of valour. I once was part of a group of fans, several thousand strong, who ran away when two drunk Chelsea fans (oh the irony) wandered into our enclosure.

When my uncles used to regularly attend Carrow Road in the seventies they couldn't really misbehave anyway as my granddad was with the Norfolk Constabluary and all the other policemen knew who they were. Now that's a family atmosphere.

By the way, how does one get to games at Stamford Bridge from Banbury? Was there a special bus, or did you hitch hike, your passion for the team being so strong?

weasel said...

Further to MM's comment: I vaguely remember the Milwall nutter but have stronger recollections of being constantly nervous in every pub around our house in Tottenham, especially when drinking with our two Arsenal obsessed housemates. I don't care who knows it; I am not a urban tough. I'll kill a mixie rabbit for it's own good but I'll never mix it up with razors.

Did you know Dick Van Dyke's given name was Penis Van Lesbian?

Mondale said...

The only Millwall fan i ever got close enough to was one of the most racist f**k-c**ts I've ever met. where was this meeting? Wymondham.
I have also run away from all manner of footy fans as i am a great big scardey cat.
Re: delia's rant. Compare delia's runnning of the club to that of robert chase. Compare and breathe deeply, those days are long gone. I say, let her have a beer and a rant!