Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Blind Justice And A Vigilante Fiancee

In retrospect, insisting that Mrs. Weasel and myself watch back-to-back eposides of Gordon Ramsay's Boiling Point on BBC America last night was not the best preparation for trying to change the channel to ABC for the long-anticipated debut of the bound-to-be-terrible Blind Justice. For although she took great pains to verbalize how abhorent she found Ramsay's management style and how if any employer spoke to her like that she would apply shoe leather to testes in a less than coddling manner and walk out it was obvious that she was taking copious mental notes. This was proven when I went to change the channel, only to be met with a statement akin to:

"Touch that remote and take us anywhere the ABC network and the only blind justice you will see tonight will be me smashing your face in with said channel changer."

Call me a wuss (whatever, you big mucho macho Tom Arnold) but for all intents and purposes I am alone here in the Maine wilderness and I have read Dolores Claiborne. She shall have no argument from me, and y'all with have no Blind Justice review.


Listmaker said...

you can spin this anyway you'd like but it is clear that you are writing more about tv just to get on balgavy's dvr blog. admit it!

weasel said...

You got me... I was also trailing my coat to see if Chris Larry would come on over and hate a little.

Enjoying "mud season"?