Tuesday, February 08, 2005

One Wicked Good Dynasty, Ayuh.

Now that the Pats are a Dynasty, there will be some changes among personnel on the offensive line and scrimmage squads. Holding, Carrington, 10 yard penalty, repeat 1st down.

I'm still a little befuddled from my weekend in Boston and the Superbowl proper so my thoughts may not appear in any particular order, but what a wonderful Sunday night, eh? Aside from the genuine discomfort of the 'favorite' label shared by fans and players alike, in the end I think experience won out (look at the Eagles abysmal clock management in the last three minutes) and enabled the Pats to capitalize on Eagles errors when and where it counted.

Former Pats quarterback and current diseased potato lookalike Steve Grogan breaks down the game on www.patsfans.com and makes several good points for all my sports nerds out there to learn and regurgitate all year at parties (its the best way to clear a path to the bean dip).
Grogan's Grade: Superbowl XXXIX
To quote the potato: "Normally when you win a World Championship you have to get an A, but I didn’t think they played their best football game against the Eagles. I thought they made a lot of mistakes, particularly with penalties. They looked so sluggish in the beginning of the game I just can’t give them an A. It says a lot when you don’t play your best game and still win a Super Bowl, and I think that really says a lot about these guys."

Steve added: "And don't let the Fridge hit you in the head. It hurts, and I think it killed both our post playing careers"(Actually I made that bit up, but thats what I think everytime I look at him).

Grogan also stars in a sadly cheap and scary ad for a local Maine jewelers-slash-sports cards shop (don't ask) where he unconvincingly claims that he finds all his jewelry-slash-sports cards needs every time he happens to be in Auburn, ME (come on Steve, no one goes to Auburn by choice).

For all this dynasty talk, New England fans should keep a sense of perspective. Patriots Dynasty: 2002-? Ming Dynasty: 1368-1644.

PS: stop calling competitions where only the US and maybe a couple of Canadian teams take part 'world championships'. Its hugely irritating and its why they hate us for our freedoms.

Forced steroid joke of the day: "Hey Coach! We found Bill Romanowski's stash of test beating baby urine!" Purists will of course point out that this photo is from the AFC Championship game in 2002 (note old pattern yellow Steelers seats), and that Romanowski did not play for BB, the Pats, Steelers, or Eagles. Tedy B still looks as freakish as ever though.


Listmaker said...

>PS: stop calling competitions where only the US and maybe a couple of >Canadian teams take part 'world championships'.

Hey Weasel,

I could give a fuck what some pansy ass British cricket league call its championship. The U.S. is the champion of the world thus all of our leagues are the true world championships.

I say bring on Al Qaeda- the Pats could take 'em.

weasel said...

Are you referring to the Test & County Cricket Board County Championship, or the Cheltenham & Gloucester Trophy?

If England could be bothered to put on all those pads, we'd kick yer arse at gridiron football.

Listmaker said...

Test & County Cricket Board County Championship, or the Cheltenham & Gloucester Trophy

I rest my case. We are superior to, at the very least, the British. We are men! We use words like "super" to describe our manliness!