Friday, February 18, 2005

The Joy of A Good Conspiracy

My personal conspiracy, I'm starting right now: Nixon had Elvis killed on the toilet in revenge for the King failing to "TCB" properly in the Watergate Hotel. Deep Throat? Priscilla Presley and Tricia Nixon alternated in the role.

I normally shy away from reading stories about conspiracy theories. It was only the quality of the writing that enabled me to finish the copy of Them by Jon Ronson (lent to me by Mondale, and reviewed by my friend and quasi-mentor Richard via the link above). I don't usually talk about any post Wall Street Oliver Stone movie without cursing. I hate MTVs The Real World because they so obviously and lazily set out to manipulate the viewer (is that a conspiracy? It's bloody annoying, I do know that). I take great joy in running forwarded emails of terrible tsunami pictures taken from a small boat or George Bush IQ forwards throughSnopes just to see how terribly gulible my friends are.

I heard recently however that David Corn, the editor of The Nation was alleged to be in the CIA. Sure enough, as I sat down to breakfast this morning the following article from jumped out of my inbox: - Our Spook Speaks
What followed was a brilliant debunking of Corn's personalized conspiracy story and of many of the frankly offensive ones about 9/11, and its well worth a read. Here's how it starts:

David Corn has been called a CIA operative and a member of a conspiracy to cover up the truth about 9/11. The reason? He's questioned the arguments (and sanity) of those 9/11 "alternative explanation" adherents—the ones claiming the U.S. government carried out the attack. But Corn's not alone in his conspiracy-against-the-conspiracy leanings, an investigative piece in Popular Mechanics found. Here, the cartoonish and convoluted story...TomPaine

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