Friday, February 11, 2005

History Friday

What a day! A plethora of History Friday stories to report. Let's skip the appetizers and head straight to the buffet:

1990: Nelson Mandela Freed From Jail
My favorite Mandela story from this time is that when the South African government first approached him to negotiate his freedom in order to lessen anti-apartheid pressure from the outside world, Mandela told them "You do not have the power to release me". What was conceived as a public relations move by FW De Klerk was transformed into the end of the apartheid government and the birth of a democratic South Africa.

1956: Cambridge Spies Surface in Moscow.
I miss the Cold War sometimes.

1979: Victory for Khomeini as army steps aside
The Ayatollah took Terehan, and so began the slide into this:Rafsanjani: U.S. Can't Stop Iran's Atomic Ambitions.

1975: Mrs Thatcher becomes leader of Britain's Conservative Party.
And a nation was handbagged.

1945: Yalta Conference Ends
The last of the old fashioned global carve ups.

Happy birthday to Thomas Edison, Burt Reynolds, Leslie Neilsen, Jennifer Aniston, and Bobby "Boris" Pickett the genuis behind the Monster Mash.

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