Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Dirty War

Nuff respect to Listmaker for letting our blogonauts' lounge know about Dirty War a BBC drama-doc that aired on HBO last night. The film deals with the build up to and aftermath of a radiological bomb attack on London by terrorists and I highly recommend you see it. Knowing HBO it will be re-run 38 times over the next 7 days and I imagine that before long it will be out on DVD.

If you want to know more about why the film was made, the BBC has extensive (and not too self-promoting) features here: The Making of "Dirty War"

Perspective is the key in watching these things, and those of you who choose to live in Brooklyn or London probably have more of a right to get highly freaked out about this than those of us in more rural areas. Then again, you also have restaurants that are open past nine at night, so you have to take the crunchy with the smooth I'd say. For me, this film was not as literally nightmare inducing as Threads was when I was 12, (but then again, I am no longer 12 or living on a primary Soviet target- thanks dad!) but it still had it's moments. Will it change anything? Will it make us safer? Of course not, but its a better disaster movie than Atomic Train.

Still, if you really want to persist in thinking that there is something you can do to protect yourself or that it is vital for society that you survive any attack as the world would be so much poorer without your blog/band/knowing irony/cool t-shirt ideas then visit this agreeable pile of earnest nonsense for tips.


Mondale said...

I never got to watch 'Threads' or the other one "the morning after?". Might have given me nightmares, then again with my imagination who the hell needs TV?
I became obsessed with the nuclear war book in my high school library complete with graphic pics of Hiroshima victims.
My Dad handily informed me (at about 12 years old) that we would be the first to go, almost echoing the sentiments in Tom Lehrer's poem "We'll all go together when we go". Our certain annihilation due to our proximity to several US and RAF airbases.
And yes, City living does have it's nervous edge, but as you say i'll be able to phone someone up and get delicious foreign food delivered to my door tonight in spite of huge snow drifts.

weasel said...

Hey! We have foreign food here in Maine- they sell these amazing dough disks with cheese and tomato sauce on them. You have to order before 4pm/darkness though, as Mainer's don't believe in nighttime.

Listmaker said...

i haven't watched it yet, i'm really afraid that it is going to fuck me up for several months. i should just move out of a major city so i can actually relax for a change.

weasel said...

Dan, it is wicked awesome; not neccersarily from an acting standpoint, but wicked awesome none the less.