Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Stop Whining And Do Something!

OK, Blue Staters, here's a challenge. As you may already or will soon know, the gubernatorial race in Washington State is closer than Bush/Gore 2000. Details can be found here at The New York Times (Margin Now Just 42 Votes in Washington State Race).

The Democratic contender is trailing her Republican opponent by just 42 votes. The Democrats could conceivably win if they go through with another recount. The only snag is the Dems have to pay at least $750,000 for the recount (it is not covered by state election funds) and they are pretty tapped for cash.

Now, all my Blue buddies who bemoaned the general election result, forwarded "Fuck the South" etc, and have said "what can I do to change this country?" over and over again; it's time to open that wallet and put your money where your mouth is. In fact, here's a note from Democratic candidate Chris Gregoire with handy links for you to make your donation. It doesn't have to be a lot (I could only spare $30, the equivalent of a night on the beer) but think before passing on this. Words have to become deeds somewhere along the line, after all.

From Chris Gregoire:
I need your immediate help. You've probably heard about the extremely close race for governor here in Washington. Only 42 votes separate my opponent and me, and thousands of ballots across the state haven't been counted.

This is by far the closest race in the history of our state, and one of the closest the nation has ever seen. That means we must make sure that every single legitimate ballot has been counted -- and that means a statewide manual recount of every vote.

Washington state law requires the party requesting the recount to pay for it, and it will cost at least $750,000. The Democratic Party is committed to this recount, but they need your immediate donation today to make it happen. Please give today.

Let me put this race in a little more perspective. Out of nearly 3 million votes cast, only 42 votes separate my Republican opponent and me. That's a difference of 0.0014 percent. The error for voting machines is somewhere between 1 and 2 percent, or 1,000 times as great as the vote difference.

That means that this race is tied, and anything is possible with a manual recount. We must count every vote individually, and we can't do it without you.

Do not let this election slip through our fingers. We are only 42 votes away from victory in Washington, and we are confident that once all the votes are counted, we will win this race. Please help us reach this urgent goal by making a donation today!

Chris Gregoire

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