Monday, November 15, 2004

History Friday on A Monday

Time for a little light relief, a few days after the title might suggest as being timely.

Friday saw the anniversary of the most unmenacing espionage arrest in history:

ON THIS DAY: November 12, 2001: Greece holds plane-spotting 'spies'

It was also the anniversary of the demise of the pound note:

ON THIS DAY | 12 | 1984: Quid notes out - pound coins in

I'd just about reached the age of getting pounds for pocket money when this happened, and the coin never seemed quite as much. it also took away the anticipation follwed invariably by disappointment of trying to figure out if the birthday card contained a fiver or a one.

This story also brought to mind the moment I decided I would oppose Mrs. Thatcher and all her works: 1982. When her government abolished the 1/2 penny coin overnight I saw my spending power cut in half. No more 1/2 penny candy. No more 2 1/2p comics. Damn you Thatcher, damn your thieving Tory eyes!

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