Thursday, October 21, 2004


I love the smell of Yankee Stadium in the morning; it smells like victory.

I am exhausted.

I am happy.

I am surrounded by Mainers who are trying on a new state of mind.

The first beer I opened last night was one of those Molsons with the goofy second label: mine read "Destiny would be an understatement." Bless those Canadian hopmeisters- they knew, they knew.

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Mondale said...

this is the truly messed up thing. I lived in England for YEARS and never got a sports buzz like this (beaten by the Germans or Argentines in 90, 96, 98 and on and on and on). Yet here I am in New York for 2 years and i get swept up in this. I thank the good guy who took me under his wing and told to root for anyone, ANYONE but the Yankees. I chose the Mets but hey, whatever. That decision put me nicely into the yankee hating camp. I have LOVED this week. Going to game 6 was quite a highlight.
God bless Boston. For god's sake don't choke.