Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A Partisan Quiz

You are sitting in an ancient barber shop in a small town in Maine. All around you are photos and quotes of Ronald Reagan. There are two bumper stickers on the front door that you can read the reversed writing on: America, Love it or Leave It and Keep America Beautiful: Give A Hippie A Haircut. The shaky old barber with parkinson's and one arm has the scissors by the tip of your ear and asks:

"So how are you voting this year?"

Do you:

a) Proudly proclaim your steadfast liberalism and share with the barber your respect for the Vice President for accepting and loving his lesbian daughter;

b) Look at a picture of Reagan, sigh sadly, and say 'I did know but I've forgotten. Damn this Alzheimers!";

c) Mumble something about what a good sense of humor Bob Dole exhibits now that he is out of electoral politics;

d) Act like a total spaz and suggest Red Sox manager Terry Francona would make a great write in candidate as he really is 'a uniter, not a divider.'

Answers, please.


Anonymous said...

e) say that choosing between a Masshole and a flatlander makes things mighty hard.

weasel said...

Damn! I wish I'd thoght og that: Jolly John for President!