Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Air Pollution (and Deception) at Ground Zero

As President Bush and his cohorts try to run on the fact that they happened to be in office when a massive intelligence and law enforcement failure resulted in the attacks of 9/11, those of you swayed by his misappropriation of tragedy, his swaddling himself in the flag, and his wrong headed policies afterward probably would applaud this news and won't sign the petition from the Sierra Club:

Air Pollution (and Deception) at Ground Zero

There you have it; Bush is so dogmatic and extreme he even extends his "kill 'em all, drill 'em all" environmental policies to downtown Manhattan.

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Mondale said...

I was in lower Manhattan in October 2001. The place reeked. I'm no scientist but i'm pretty sure there was some kind of air pollution going on.