Tuesday, August 03, 2004

US terror plot intelligence 'old'

The risks in this world are manyfold and not to be understated or underestimated. However, the damage that arises from panic and over-reaction is just as corrosive as terrorist violence. So be vigilant but don't go down the steps in the bunker just yet:

BBC NEWS | Americas | US terror plot intelligence 'old'

US terror plot intelligence 'old'

Security has been stepped up in New York and other cities
The US administration admits that new warnings of attacks on American cities were based on information gathered by al-Qaeda up to four years ago.

Security was tightened around US financial institutions earlier this week after raids in Pakistan recovered documents reportedly naming them.

Homeland security adviser Frances Townsend said some of the information recovered was collected in 2000/2001.

But she added: "It appears that some of it may have been updated as recently as January of this year."

And she denied that the alert was prompted by political considerations in the run-up to November's presidential poll.

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