Friday, August 13, 2004

History Friday: What A Melange of Blancmange!

The "History Friday®" featurette of this blog was originally intended to be a lighthearted coda to a week's worth of dire and heavy news; akin to the local news anchor's closing story about the neo-nazi who got struck by lightning while attempting a straight arm salute, that kind of thing.

Looking back through the Wisdom Weasel archives however, I see that there has been a subtle shift of emphasis, from drunk Nixon to Gulf War 1. Not much comedy value in heavy trips, man. So in order to make amends, and despite the fact that construction of the Berlin wall began today in 1961, here is a round up of some of today's lighter fare. Enjoy.

For all your wacky papist idolators out there, today is a bumper day of saints, ranging from Concordia (the patron saint of nursing mothers) to Mark of Aviano, inventor of the cappuccino. Which ever saint you choose as your parting gift today folks, warm milk is going to be involved somewhere.

Happy birthdays to the following goofy cats:
Cuban dictator and retro-commie Fidel Castro: 77
Fake Jamaican psychic and phone scam artist Miss Cleo: 42
Portly auteur Alfred Hitchcock: Dead (alright, would have been 105)
and finally:
Former Partridge Family star and Betty Ford Clinic habitue Danny Bonaduce: 45

A smattering of dead birthdays besides Hitchcock:
The true inventor of television, despite what they teach in the USA, John Logie Baird
William Caxton of printing and much later English home brew kit fame.
Engineer and inventor Felix Wankel, if only for his last name.

But as for this day's crowning moment in the march of time, it has to be:
August 13, 1902: England beat Australia by one wicket at The Oval

Oh alright. It has to be the birth of skyjacking

And because we are not being serious, not Goering's declaration of Adler Tag and the subsequent fiercest fighting of the Battle of Britain. Or not.

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