Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Back from Vacation; not quite ready for politics

The wandering weasel has returned from his two weeks in the land of the long grey cloud. It was rather splendid to be back in England; madly partisan olympic coverage (more on the phenomenon of Amir Khan later), good old fashioned soccer star sex scandals ("the PVC clad grandmother was known to the other prostitutes as 'Auld Slapper'" and so on), dismal weather, lovely relatives and friends, and far too many cars.

I shall return to politics, diplomacy, and more weighty matters worthy of satire and pillory later, but I'm not quite ready to let go of my vacation mind set and my fond memories of my hols in Blighty. Thankfully, my good chum Al has finally sent me the link to the US supporters club for my beloved Norwich City FC. Al writes an enjoyable column for the site, I urge all with even a passing interest in either soccer or the bizarre antics of ex-pats to check it out. Too bad about the Yankees' logo on the ball though; that has to be sorted out before the site alienates 99% of humanity.

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