Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Senate rejects gay marriage ban

BBC NEWS | Americas | Senate rejects gay marriage ban

Now can we concentrate on important senate business please? You'd think the Republicans would have better things to do than trying to fulfil Reagan's mantra that "the Government is the problem." Idiots.

Oh, and this also just in from the ranks of the GOP; taking the placed of disgraced candidate Jack Ryan in the Illinois senate contest is none other than multiple-fired football coach and erection medicine pitchman Mike Ditka.

Have American politics been outsourced to India along with our jobs? On the sub-continent Bollywood stars and cricket heroes run for office regularly as they are the only ones with name recognition; now we have Shwarzenegger and the old Chicago Bears/New Orleans Saints x&o guy.

Ditka; just what we need, a politician drawn from the ranks of the intellectually rigorous, clean living and untainted world of professional athletics.

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