Friday, July 16, 2004

History Friday: Same as it ever was

Proof if proof was needed that while the decision to go to war is taken by the rich and powerful, the burden of the fighting always falls disproportionately on the poor and disenfranchised:

The draft riot enters its fourth day in New York City in response to the Enrollment Act, which was enacted on March 3, 1863. Although avoiding military service became much more difficult, wealthier citizens could still pay a commutation fee of $300 to stay at home

Draft dodging became progessively less expensive for the wealthy, and by the time George W. Bush jumped the line for the a place away from the combat made mandatory for others, he actually got paid to shirk his responsibilities.

nowadays of course there is no draft, and instead the military relies on the desire of the poor to pull themselves out of the slums by risking death of permanent disability. Even this isn't working to well anymore however. The military has had to introduce a form of conscription, as troops who had recently served their hitch or retired now find themselves being recalled for compulsory service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yay! Send in the 55 year old supply sargeants!
PS: Ditka declined the chance to run for the Senate for GOP in Illinois, the wuss. I wonder what skeletons they found in his closet... a little too fond of slapping his players on the butt, perhaps, or a taste for cheerleaders?

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