Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Blair Continues to Mutate into Thatcher

In a contentious debate in the House of Commons yesterday, Tony Blair, once so skilled at reading a room, showed again how delusions of grandeur are poisoning his premiership. Echoing Margaret Thatcher, the arch-nemesis of his (and once my) own Labour Party, Blair told the assembled members of parliament not to question his judgement but rather to simply "rejoice"<

As the Independent archly asks, is this what he wants the British people to rejoice about?


* British soldiers killed during Iraq war: 60

* British soldiers injured in the conflict: 2,200

* Iraqi soldiers killed: 6,370 (estimate)

* Iraqi civilians killed: 13,000 (estimate)

* Projected cost of reconstruction: £55bn

* UK cost of war: £3.2bn

* Annual cost of keeping UK troops in Iraq: £1.5bn

* Percentage of Iraqis who would feel safer if US and UK troops left: 55

* Percentage of UK voters who believe Blair lied: 55

* Weapons of mass destruction found: 0

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